Over the last several years, our campus community engaged in discussions, data gathering and self-reflection in preparation for an accreditation review by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). These efforts culminated in an institutional self-study report that was submitted to the commission in August 2014. WSCUC representatives reviewed that report, visited our campus in April 2015, and submitted a report to the Commission in May 2015. After consideration of the visiting team’s report, the Commission has reaffirmed SJSU’s accreditation for seven years as summarized in its findings in the July 2015 letter.  A Special Visit was scheduled for Fall 2017, to follow up on developments in the areas of leadership, organizational climate, shared governance, and campus climate. 

WSCUC Special Visit - Action Letter

SJSU WSCUC Special Visit Action Letter (PDF) - March 2018

WSCUC Special Visit - Report

SJSU WSCUC Special Visit Report (PDF) - July 2017

SJSU WSCUC Appendices (PDF)

WSCUC Team Special Visit - September 26 - 27, 2017

Report of the WSCUC Team - Special Visit to SJSU (PDF)

WSCUC Review Team Exit Presentation [Video]